Comment: If we vote leave, we lose control

Vote Leave supporters sing from a well worn song sheet. Yet beyond repeating the easily memorable chorus, there is little understanding of the underlying complex issues. Leavers frequently allege we do not control our own borders. This is rather strange as those returning to the UK from the EU may recall that when entering the UK we are greeted by the big signs […]

Comment: EU membership crucial to the Irish peace-process, says Kenny

The Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Enda Kenny, announced at a press conference at 10 Downing Street on Tuesday that EU membership is crucial to Anglo-Irish relations and a Brexit would not only disrupt trade between the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain, but would also disrupt the Northern Irish peace process, which began in 1998. […]

Analysis: December European Council Summit

Thursday saw the beginning of the December European Council Summit – the most important council of the Union, which sees of European leaders the likes of Council President Donald Tusk, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President François Hollande, and British Prime Minister David Cameron among a series of other notables seated at its dinner table. […]