Calm down all – We all have to wait until November to see Cameron’s wish list

Prime Minister David Cameron is walking on a dangerous hire wire rope ahead of the upcoming referendum. The PM attracts the attention of the UK, Member States, and EU officials on the EU membership referendum issue, raises question marks in minds about what areas he wants to negotiate with the EU, and gets people to […]

EU Referendum Campaigns Launch

The two LEAVE (OUT) and REMAIN (IN) campaigns have just been launched for the European Union (EU) referendum, now likely to take place in September 2016. In spite of several fringe sessions at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester and reports in the Sunday Telegraph (10 October), the Prime Minister continues to keep his detailed […]

Labour Party’s position on the EU referendum in the light of Corbyn’s landslide victory

Ever since the contest for the Labour Party’s leadership started, there was a debate over what the new leader’s position would be on Britain’s EU membership referendum and what implications this would have on the future of Britain’s EU membership. When Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership contest with a landslide victory of […]