The Value of Peace

The Pro-EU website Future of our Children has posted an audio recording, along with a transcript of what is said, focussing on the extraordinary contribution to peace on the European continent made by the EU during its lifetime.

While the audio recording has been prepared for Ben Chambers’ Sixteen Million Rising monthly radio show, the threat of Brexit to peace is also covered in Robert Fisk’s powerful article in the Independent on Willie Doyle.

The EU’s contribution to peace seems to get scant attention, even amongst “remainers”. Almost everyone now seems to take peace in Europe for granted, if only because we have enjoyed it for so long, but it remains fragile and is increasingly at risk because of the rise in rightist nationalism that played such an important role in shaping the referendum outcome and its sequellae.

If one were to place a value on our peace, it is surely likely that just a few days of peaceful coexistence in an economy worth over 20 trillion euro a year would meet the full costs of the EC throughout its 60 years of life!

Does anyone know an economist who could put a credible monetary figure out on the value of peace?