Our Mission


London4Europe, the London section of the all-party European Movement UK (the UK’s oldest pro-European organisation), does not believe BREXIT is a fait accompli.  London4Europe continues to promote the benefits of European Union (EU) membership in the UK, and to aim to inform the post-referendum debate. Whilst we accept the narrow referendum result, we continue to believe Brexit is bad for Britain. We reject the Government ‘s view that the narrow referendum result has settled the question of our EU membership, and we shall not hesitate to hold Brexiteers to account for all the negative consequences of Brexit.

In parallel, we aim to influence key actors and opinion formers in the Brexit negotiations by supporting the European Movement UK’s four red lines campaign. In so doing, we shall seek the best possible deal for the UK , in particular ensuring that areas with a pan-European dimension (e.g. the environment, trade, workers rights) are safeguarded in UK legislation and in any new agreements with the EU. London4Europe will press for another referendum on the actually negotiated terms of Brexit. We continue to believe that our continued EU membership is the best deal for Britain.

We carry out these objectives through specific activities including:

Education: even after the referendum, there remains a great need for high quality education and information on Brexit and the EU for schools (especially sixth formers), local groups (eg U3A, faith groups) and the public (either working with local universities or at local events). London4Europe members offered knowledgeable speakers and debaters for 180 events throughout Greater London during the referendum campaign. We remain happy to be invited to speak and participate in events.

Supply high quality factual materials through responding to written requests and on streets.

Media – both conventional and social: London4Europe is happy to offer expert and political speakers. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for our latest news & views.

Seminars and social events: London4Europe convenes high level seminars throughout the year with leading MPs, MEPs and opinion formers. We also hold regular informal gatherings in Central London.