How EU agencies affect our lives – for the better!

The EU referendum “leave” campaign spread the idea that our lives were increasingly falling under the dark influence of unaccountable and overpaid “bureaucrats in Brussels”. This conjured up a picture of hordes of faceless, most likely foreign, people in cavernous offices, beavering away to generate more and more ridiculous regulations through which to control the […]

Brexit: Final payment to the EU

Keep calm: it’s a negotiation. They say €60bn or maybe €100bn. We say they owe us. In the end there will be a package with a figure we can all live with. Not everyone: UKIP made no-payment one of their six criteria for a successful Brexit. For the ideologues who positively desire a hard Brexit […]

Towards the End of May at the Beginning of June

Now that the local elections are over and party manifestos will start to come out, the focus shifts to shaping the 8th June election outcome. It is not a normal election, but a referendum on Theresa May and her determination to pursue a super-hard Brexit. May is asking us for a blank cheque for her […]

“Great Repeal Bill” – The sovereignty of the executive

“GREAT REPEAL BILL” – THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE EXECUTIVE? In principle the Bill as described in the recent White Paper makes sense as a way of implementing Brexit: repeal the European Communities Act; turn the EU acquis into UK law except where Brexit makes it necessary to do something else. Make any policy-driven changes in […]

Brexit will be defeated by Brexit (but YOU need to help)

29 March 2017 will go down in history as the day the UK notified its intention to leave the European Union (EU). History may also record that a few decades later England, after years of economic stagnation and political isolation, re-joined an independent Scotland, Wales and a united Ireland in the Eurozone. Although Brexiters want […]